Just like every momma, when you welcome a new baby into your family…you have a vision of those perfect, snuggly sibling shots
      at your baby’s newborn photo session….you know the ones I’m talking about…we’ve all seen those perfect newborn photos on Pinterest. However….when a toddler is involved….they have their own agenda and your plans have a tendency to go out the window….
      Meet Rishi! He is the newest addition to the sweet family I met so long ago at their maternity photos when they were expecting their first baby! I will always remember that day because it was the day I went into labor myself…and somehow pulled through 3 photo sessions that day….even a whole newborn photo session…contractions and all…but that is another story for another day.
      I was beyond excited when this sweet momma told me baby #2 was on the way and we were gonna get to do another newborn session…and I was pumped to see how much Reyansh had grown since I had seen him for his 1 year milestone photos! I couldn’t believe how big he had gotten, and thoroughly loved all the cute & hilarious commentary toddler’s are known for during his new brother’s newborn photo session! But when it came time for sibling & family pics….he had a different plan in mind. We worked through it and it came out wonderfully….but it can definitely be a little heartbreaking when all you want is that Pinterest-worthy picture and your toddler is less than cooperative.
      So this is for all my new momma’s out there:

      4 Tips for staying calm when you really want to cry during your newborn shoot



      1. Toddlers’ rarely cooperate….

      So the first thing I want you to know is that you are not alone! I would say 90% of these little bundles of energy do not want anything to do with you posing nicely for the camera at a newborn session…and sometimes they don’t even want anything to do with the newborn! So take a deep breath and know that you are still an amazing momma and it’s nothing you did wrong. We will try our best to get gorgeous shots and work with whatever these little guys are willing to give us 🙂



      2. So what’s a Mom to do when you want sibling shots? We go with the flow!

      I like to try to get sibling shots during my newborn sessions when the toddler is at their most cooperative, usually towards the beginning of the session, but if they are not being agreeable then…we will try again later. Newborn photo sessions can take several hours, so we have plenty of time for your little guy or girl to have a snack, take a nap, play with toys, or simply get some snuggles from mommy….and almost always at some point they come around 🙂

      3. Bribery!

      This is an oldie…and personally one of my favorites! Bribery works y’all…whatever it is that will motivate your little one…do it! I’m all for instilling good morals and teaching little one’s to follow directions because they are supposed to…but a newborn photo session is not the time to do it. These are high stakes….I say pull out the chocolate chips momma!

      4. Keep Smiling!

      In all seriousness…keep smiling! When these little guys are giving me the run around….I play, laugh, tickle, sing, make crazy noises…but most importantly…I keep shooting! All I need is a few seconds of laughter or a semi-smile on their face and we’ve got your Pinterest-worthy pic! So…keep smiling, keep playing, keep being silly with them…especially if you are in the photo too…and we are bound to get some great photos of everyone 🙂