It’s all about the feels! One of my favorite things about weddings is getting to experience all of the personal touches couples incorporate into their special day.  The most unique decor is almost always created through DIY (do-it-yourself).

      Angus barn wedding rustic door seating chartDIY Seating Chart from Angus Barn Pavillion Wedding
      DIY Place Settings from Haw River Ballroom Wedding

      These personally crafted, unique decorations add such a fun and intimate feel to weddings as they really can express the persona of the bride & groom.  Additionally, DIY projects can also be done at a fraction of the cost…great for minding a budget!

      Raleigh outdoor wedding DIY bridal bouquet DIY Bridal Bouquet from Blossom & Louis’s TN Wedding
      Hand Embroidered Cake Table Runner from a Stockroom Wedding

      DIY projects can range from simple picture frames sprinkled throughout the cocktail hour, to making your own wedding dress!  I’ve seen hand written notes & signs and other stained wooden projects, DIY bouquets and centerpieces and even DIY wedding cakes!

      Brier Creek Country Club Wedding Wine Cork Seating chartDIY Wine Cork Seating Chart from Brier Creek Country Club Wedding
      Top of the Hill Wedding DIY Newspaper ProgramDIY Wedding Programs from Top of the Hill Wedding

      The options are really limitless and depend completely on how much time and resources couples want to invest in creating unique and personal touches throughout their wedding. Capturing these beautiful creations through my lens is one of my favorite aspects of weddings.

      Postcard guestbook at Haw River Ballroom WeddingPostcard Guestbook Alternative from Haw River Ballroom Wedding
      The Royal Wedding Bride Getting Putting on DIY Dress
      DIY Wedding Dress from The Royal Wedding in Raleigh

      Initially, DIY projects can seem intimidating, but the trick is determining what & how much you want to DIY, and make an action plan from there. Lots of factors come into play when talking DIY for weddings – budget, time, resources etc. – but once you have identified these key factors you can really start to determine just how much DIY you want to incorporate and which projects you want to focus on.  

      Rand-Bryan House Wedding Calligraphy Table MarkersDIY Calligraphy Table Marker from a Rand-Bryan House Wedding
      DIY Geode Slice Seating Assignments from a Stockroom Wedding

      Don’t know what you want to DIY???  Try thinking about what makes you who you are as individuals or as a couple.  Do you love to go hiking?  Maybe create some decorative wooden signs that have awesome woodgrain???  Do you love to knit? Maybe knit some cute stuffed love birds for a cake topper??? Do you and your fiance love to travel?  Maybe design your own passport-themed wedding program???  Do you both love to cook?  Maybe mix your own blend of spices as a favor???  You get the idea 🙂

      DIY painted Bride & Groom glasses at Rand-Bryan Wedding

      North Carolina Favor Ornament at Angus Barn WeddingNC Ornament Favor from Angus Barn Pavillion Wedding

       Having a realistic approach is essential in Wedding DIY Creating these unique characteristics within your wedding is so much fun, but can be stressful if you don’t have a good attack plan for your projects– once you’ve developed your plan, the overwhelming and intimidating aspects of DIY tend to not be so challenging, and you can truly enjoy the process that is absolutely one of a kind!

      DIY Burlap Wrapped Cake Knife at Dunn NC wedding

      Handwritten Seating Chart on Vintage Window at Raleigh Wedding

       Like I said, it’s all about the feels, and adding these personal and truly unique characteristics to your special day can be so simple and fun !

      DIY Candle favor at Raleigh Country Club WeddingDIY Candle Favor from Brier Creek Country Club Wedding
      DIY Calligraphy Chalkboard seating chart at Rand-Bryan WeddingChalkboard Seating Chart from a Rand-Bryan House Wedding
      DIY wedding cake at Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club WeddingDIY Wedding Cake from Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club Wedding

      For more ideas on DIY projects check out this article from the & this article from 100 Layer Cake.


      […] There day was also filled with something near & dear to my heart….awesome DIY projects!  And when I say awesome…I mean….awesome!  Jessica’s dress was made by her mom (how cool is it to wear a wedding dress your mom made??!!!??!..and a beautiful one at that!!!!)  Their stunning turquoise seaglass cake was made by the groom’s mother, and they were married by the groom’s dad!!!  The bridesmaids gathered together to make all the wedding decor & signage.  And the bar, the selfie station, and even the dance floor were all DIY!!! They even made their own music….yep…they had a live band.  Captain Ivory, out of Nashville, traveled down to the beach to add to the fun of the day.   I mean…y’all…you really couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful & memorable day!!!  (Side note…I am a big fan of DIY wedding projects, because you put your heart & soul into them and it only helps to make your wedding day more special.  Here are some tips for any of my DIY brides out there!) […]