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  1. […] There day was also filled with something near & dear to my heart….awesome DIY projects!  And when I say awesome…I mean….awesome!  Jessica’s dress was made by her mom (how cool is it to wear a wedding dress your mom made??!!!??!..and a beautiful one at that!!!!)  Their stunning turquoise seaglass cake was made by the groom’s mother, and they were married by the groom’s dad!!!  The bridesmaids gathered together to make all the wedding decor & signage.  And the bar, the selfie station, and even the dance floor were all DIY!!! They even made their own music….yep…they had a live band.  Captain Ivory, out of Nashville, traveled down to the beach to add to the fun of the day.   I mean…y’all…you really couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful & memorable day!!!  (Side note…I am a big fan of DIY wedding projects, because you put your heart & soul into them and it only helps to make your wedding day more special.  Here are some tips for any of my DIY brides out there!) […]

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