• Where do you feel happy?  You want your images to capture you being you.  Think of a location that helps you feel comfortable, relaxed and where you can be yourselves.  So choose somewhere that will express who you are.  Does nature and wild, natural environments capture your heart?  Maybe a forest or overgrown field.  Do you love the hustle and bustle of the city?  And industrial backdrop with brick & steel structures may be the ideal location for you.  Are you content & cozy at home?  Maybe a snuggly session in the favorite areas of your home would make your heart soar.
      • Where will you be displaying your images?  Think of the colors of your home.  Will beach images look odd among your home decor?  What location would match your home decor style?
      • What will your wear in your photos?  If you have your heart set on wearing your brand new set of amazing heels, a sandy lakefront beach might not be the location for you.  So you may want to consider your outfit choices when choosing your location.
      • Think outside of the box.  Is there a special place you and your family go regularly?  Do you love going to the local ice cream shop on Friday nights?  Are family hikes your thing? Does your family love to read?  A local book store, ice cream shop, favorite pub, etc…could all be unique places to have your session.   Choosing a location based around special meaning to your family can make your photos more meaningful, as well as more one of a kind.
      • Who are the members in your family?  Do you have wild & crazy little ones?  A busy city street may not be the best location.  Do you want to include the family dog?  The local antique store may not be the best fit.  Choosing a location that will suit your family will help everyone to feel more relaxed and to be themselves.

      If you are stuck and need help on location ideas…remember…I am always here to help you brainstorm to make your photo wishes come true 🙂