Welcome to my little place in this big big world.   So glad you are here!
As you may have guessed I love wedding & family photography, but more than photos, I love capturing genuine love, emotion, laughs, snuggles, & all the moments in between with you and the people that light up your life!

The more life I live, I'm learning that time goes way to fast!  Sounds cliche..but so true. All we have left is the memories...and photography just makes those memories so easy to relive over and over again.  So, I strive to bottle it all up for you...the first steps...the first dance....the first kiss...in a candid & beautiful way. If you’re after heart stopping photos of everything that lights up your life…then we are kindred spirits!  Get in touch and lets make something beautiful together!

hey, im sarah!

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Photography has my whole heart! It is a time machine that allows us to hold onto  moments in the only way possible.  I love capturing images in a candid, natural, and playful style while still turning them into a work of art.  I love showing connection and closeness with those you love most.  When its all over, our pictures are what remain. 

& my style

just a few things about me


This is my hubs and my soulmate, and my baby daddy and even my second shooter. We met on match.com a billion years ago and have been attached at the hip ever since. We are a goofy, office-loving, beach going couple, who love our family, NC life, and of course photography :)

I am a wife



These little peanuts turn my world upside down but I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!  They fill my life with goofy smiles, peanut butter, and craziness...but in the best way.  They were the reason I was put on this Earth, they are my "Why."

i am a momma



Capturing closeness and connection in my images makes my heart skip a beat!  I strive for it in each and every type of photo session. I adore showing all the love that exist between you & your soulmate and babies!  




Certain times of day just beg to be photographed!   There is nothing more lovely than sundrenched families & couples playing in the NC sun!  I carefully choose my session times to make sure we have optimal lighting to help make your photos magical :)

gorgeous Light



I love color...but black & white captures my heart every time!  It is so soulful and really  captures the heart of the moment.  I absolutely adore it!  I give a lot of black & white conversions with all of my galleries along with the color versions...because I just can't help myself :)

black & white



 If I had to describe myself with one term...it would be hopelessly romantic! From the day I opened my eyes I have dreamed of fairytale endings & soulmates, big white dresses and Prince Charming...so the fact that I get to be invited into so many happily ever afters, and capture pretty pictures of it all, just fills my heart with joy :)




Well...really babies of any age!  Give me all the babies!!!!  I simple adore those sweet squishy bundles of joy!  I would have 10 babies if I could talk the hubs into it...but until then, I'll just soak up all the baby snuggles at my newborn & baby sessions :)




I love printed art! There is no way around it, photography was meant to be printed.  Digital images are great, but they intangible, fragile, and can only be seen with an electronic device.  Investing in a beautifully printed product will take your breath away!  Not to mention they will still be viewable in the event there is a zombie apocalypse :)

ALBUMS & prints



I spend alot of time behind the computer adjust my clients' images to perfection.  Chai tea makes this all possible :)  You will often find me working away at a coffee shop just so I can have my chai tea latte companion by my side...because lets face it...they're just not as good when you make them at home :)

chai tea



the office


how i feel about the kids, the hubs & PHotography!



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