"Sarah truly works magic! She did a maternity photo shoot for my family and it could have been a disaster, but instead we received very beautiful pictures. I really wanted the typical "sibling kissing belly" shot. I didn't get that because my son was less than cooperative, but what I got was so much more! Beautiful, natural, elegant photos that we will cherish for years to come.

      Photoshoots are not easy for my family. My husband loathes taking photos and makes it known to all. My son did not nap the day of our shoot and he was not in a picture-taking mood. I just wanted my arms not to look fat. BUT... Sarah got my husband to smile, she found angles that made it look like my son actually wants a baby sister, and she made my arms look skinny.

      There is always a story behind every picture. Thank you, Sarah, for capturing the perfect moments. You truly can turn a hot mess into a beautiful photo."

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